Want to raise funding in less than 2 months? We’ll help!

 “If only I had 10 minutes on the phone with them, they would invest”. We make sure you get 30!

How are we different from other courses?

Practical and applicable strategies

We teach specifics. No theoretical-philosophical concepts, no bullshit - only practical and applicable strategies.

Guaranteed results in less than a week

We guarantee that you will get your first meeting with an investor within 1 week after you start reaching out to them. If you don’t - we will issue a refund, review your case and suggest changes in your outreach strategy completely for FREE. Read more about our Instant money back guarantee

We have a big picture of the industry.

We don’t focus on just one, or two or even three funding rounds that we have closed. We have created our system based on over 370 fundraising stories that we have recorded - we show the big picture to you.

Getting in front of investors 101-course curriculum.

Are you losing too much time finding investors ?

In this course you will learn:

You have meetings with investors but they lead nowhere?

We will explain how to:

Who are “We”?

We are a team that runs the largest podcast in the USA about fundraising for early stage startups

Konstantin Dubovitskiy

Fundraising Radio

Elizaveta Belinskaya

What do people say about our course?

"I sold my last company for $300 million and still hate fundraising. But this course could definitely help early-stage founders."
Stacy Stubblefield
Co-Founder at HomeFunds. Exited founder.
“I had 2 successful exits with my companies and it takes years to learn how to fundraise. If you don’t have much experience in the fundraising space, this course is just amazing.”
Maria Grineva
Serial Founder, angel investor.
“My company was chosen as a case study for this course so I know for a fact that the advice here is very much applicable because Konstantin used Martenly to show how to apply the strategies explained in the course.”
Nikita Kuraev
Co-Founder and CEO at Martenly.

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